Monday, February 6, 2017

Experiment #5  Fairytale meets Realism: The Accountant

The weekend is over and Jim is still tired as Monday morning rolls around. Dexter, Jim's Chihuahua barks ferociously at the Paper-boy, the noise is irritating. Jim finally wakes up. He wipes his face with his hands and lets out a great yawn. Shaking his head Jim musters himself up and gets out of bed and walks out of his bedroom. 

Jim gallops down the hall into the living room to where he opens the back sliding door to let out Dexter or his morning pee. Jim decides to join Dexter on the lawn, he actually prefers the back lawn because it gives him more space than his master bathroom to do his business.  

7:30 comes around and it's time for Jim to head to work, so he takes Dexter back into the house and leaves him some dry dog food he can nibble on through out the day. Jim says bye to Dexters and tells him to behave then trots down the street and around the corner to work.

When Jim reaches his office his face drops and he lets out a deep grunt while rolling his eyes. A crowd of people encompass the space in front of his office. They all stand there in single file under a dimly lit sign that reads "J.J. Harris Financials" with  small character on the bottom right corner shaped like a horse. As Jim walks closer to the crowd his face becomes longer and longer. Jim finally reaches his front door after trotting across the parking lot, and begins to unlock his door. Without any enthusiasm at all Jim says good morning to the line of people. The crowd is dead silent. Then a little boy says to his mom, "Mommy, why does he have four legs?" To her response she says, "Son, I don't know. Just come here with Mommy and Daddy and walk back slowly." As the family begins to walk backwards Jim explains to them that he is a Centaur, he's not dangerous he's just three feet taller than everyone else and has four legs. Jim points to his sign where there is a small graphic of a Centaur. The family and the rest of the crowd behind them thought that was just a fun graphic, and had know idea Centaurs actually exist. 

Jim invites them into his office to work on their taxes, but before Jim could finish speaking the woman and crowd shriek and they all run for their cars. Jim exhales a deep breathe and tilts his downwards in defeat, "This happens everyday." To his surprise, Jim hears the voice of a young man ask for help with his taxes. Jim's ears and eyes immediately perk up and he instantly brings up his head. Jim sees a young man holding all of his paper work and invites him into his office and they set up their work at Jim's desk, "Alright where shall we start?" 

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